Introducing Top Zaps (Beta)

  • 24 February 2020
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👋Hi everyone. My name is Richard Enlow, a designer here at Zapier, with some big news!

At Zapier, we're continually looking for ways to give you a peek into how Zapier is working for you. With that in mind, we’ve launched a new Beta feature called Top Zaps. Top Zaps help give you into a window into just how many Tasks your Zaps are using over time. We talked to Zapier customer Andrew who says that he would use Top Zaps as a way to see how many new lead signup workflows Zapier is helping kick off a month. Another Zapier user, Flavio, mentioned that seeing his Top Zaps helps give him peace of mind that the Zaps he created haven’t run amok.

How to access Top Zaps:

Find a link to Top Zaps from the Task History section of Zapier. 

4B1D4878-7B94-4EE1-A46B-E6FDC82594B5.pngAfter a click, you’ll arrive on the Top Zaps landing page, which will show you a list of your Top Zaps sorted from those automating the most Tasks to the least for the current billing period. If you have more than 100 Zaps, your Top Zaps will be limited to 100 Zaps.

150D916D-E4AA-4913-934C-8592E335E2AA.pngWhat’s next for Top Zaps?

We’re looking for ways to make Top Zaps better for you. Soon you’ll be able to See Top Zaps by a specific user, folder, and more. What more, we’re planning on helping you to focus on Zaps that might be problematic by helping you to filter by those with the most issues.

We’d love to hear from you. In what ways are you using Top Zaps?

4 replies

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Cool stuff @richardenlow - congrats to you and the team on launching this!

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FYI, the announcement for this feature is breaking the CX on another page...

In the Task History Page, the "Did you know" announce for "Top Zaps" flashes on and off with each selection/deselection in the Status/Select checkbox section, making the process of selecting a zap near impossible (as the announcement bumps the checkboxes up and down as it flashes). So, each time you select a checkbox, the whole series of checkboxes jumps up, then jumps down. Not a problem if selecting one, but if you're selecting 2 or more, then it moves the target checkbox over or under your current mouse position and you inadvertently select the wrong checkbox or it forces you to select a checkbox every 3 seconds or so, slowing down in the selection process. Potential workaround would be to have spacer that keeps the UI spacing the same whether or not the announcement is present.

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Hi @Protocol thanks for the feedback! We have a fix and place and will be shipping it shortly.

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This is so cool! Just two days ago (the day after this post), I happened to mention something to a client of mine. Today, I go looking for a place to post a feature request, and I come across this very announcement! :D

This is what I had said, some of which is now available, and some of which would be an excellent addition to Top Zaps (or other reporting features):

"It would be so cool to see an admin dashboard of Zapier. Where the user could see all their zaps along with charts of tasks, error percentages, frequency of use, etc. etc. It would be great to see how our Zap usage changes by month/season. And it would also be really helpful to see a chart of our zap usage month over month so we can see how much a difference it makes when we streamline a zap."

Another thought—a way to show stats by App, as well (# of tasks, # of errors, etc.)

Awesome new feature! Keep it going!