Which Initial Event do you think is best? (Step 1. Initial Event here, Step 2.Send Voicemail, Step 3.Delay 3 min, Step 4.Send SMS)

  • 2 May 2022
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Hello everyone! Thank you for checking my question out.

I am needing to send Voicemail and SMS via Dropcowboy which I mostly have figured out, but I need your experience deciding on an initial trigger event. Steps 2-4 of my Zap are straight forward (Step 2. Send Voicemail, Step 3. Delay 3 min, Step 4. Send SMS), I am unsure which initial trigger to use to activate this Zap.

I have a client list of ~10.6k and need to automate contacting ~70 per day, Mon-Fri ideally. What initial trigger event would you recommend to accomplish this in your experience?

Thank you!

1 reply

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Hi @CommanderZap 👋🏽 Thanks for stopping by our Marketing group!

To provide some potential Triggers, could you share a bit more about your workflow? Are you using any additional apps with DropCowboy already or are there parameters around which folks will be contacted each day? 

Schedule by Zapier is likely the broadest Trigger to use but happy to dig in more if that doesn’t achieve your goal with this Zap!