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We are trying to configure a Zap that will push contacts from either a SFDC campaign or Marketo program to a running Google sheet used by sales. We have plenty of zaps that go the other way around (google sheets to Marketo), but I’m having trouble using Marketo as a starting point. 


Problem: Contacts are signing up for an event and are getting added to a Marketo program and SFDC campaign. We want to take these new registrants and push them to a google sheet. 


When I try to start a Zap in Marketo, the only option is “when a new lead is created”. This program has a list of new and existing contacts, so I’m not sure what would work. I expected to be able to filter on “is a member of this program” or “gets added to this static list”. 


The second option is to use “contact gets added to SFDC campaign” as a trigger. However, the zapier options seem to only look for new records being created within a particular object (new person gets created or new campaign gets created, not “person is added to this campaign”). 


Has anyone had luck setting up something similar? I thought this would be easier. Thanks!

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