Keyword conversion question Google Ads - Keap (crm)

  • 10 February 2022
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Is there a way to show which keywords are converting to the most sold jobs by connecting google adwords to my crm program?

Our tracking thru AdWords and analytics works great but a big missing link is seeing which keywords converted from lead to sold job. I cant be the only person to feel this way!

We are a seasonal business that brings in anywhere from 20 to 50 leads a day in the busy season, we use Keap to manage our leads. We bring in around 60% of our leads via organic search and the other 40% via PPC.


I am not opposed to hiring an expert if they can provide this integration but if it is an easy hook or connection then I am sure my marketing team can manage it.

8 replies

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Hi @batman 

The Google Ads Zap app integration has these 2 triggers available:


If you configure your GAds correctly the keyword can be passed on the click thru URL to the landing page where I’m guessing a form is being submitted.

The form should be configured to parse the query string parameters and submit those as part of the lead form.

Then those data points can be passed along to your CRM app.

Thanks @Troy Tessalone  that's great!

and this would work with Keap?

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That I’m unsure.

When in doubt, test it out.

GSearches on the topic:

So in theory, this wouldn’t involve a Zap.

thanks @Troy Tessalone Ill take a look. 

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@batman were you able to solve this one? Would love to hear how!

@Liz_Roberts I was not. 

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@batman If your form builder supports hidden fields there is something called HTTP referrer in Gravity Forms through which you can capture the entire URL with the UTM parameters and get an email to your internal team.Just add the UTM-term which captures Paid Search Keywords.

You can see the sample demo of the same from the image below.

Not just Gravity forms I guess some others also will have this ability of hidden fields so research on the same.

I’m not sure about passing it to Keap but you can try using zapier for the same purpose as the URL captured you can try formatter or a code step to extract the keyword from it.

I would recommend you test the scenario as it is a custom one.



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@batman were you able to check out @Satya09’s reply/advice? Are you still running into issues here? Let us know where you’re getting stuck and we’d be happy to work with you to get this sorted!