Integration - Stats campaigns Facebook ads in Google Sheet

  • 11 May 2022
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Hi all,


We’re using Google Data Studio in my marketing agency. We want to import all datas from 

Do you know if we can export stats (campaign name, results, Clicks, views etc...) of Facebook campaigns in a Google Sheet with Zapier ? 


Thank you


2 replies

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Hi @Bridge Media 

Good question.

These are the available Zap apps from Facebook, but there is no Zap app for Facebook Ads specifically.


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Hello @Bridge Media 

Zapier can’t help you export stats into Google Sheets from Facebook Ads Manager.However,you achieve this using a Data Tool like Supermetrics which is built to pull the data from the external sources like Facebook Ads Managers,Google Ads Manager,LinkedIn Ads Manager,etc into Google Sheets.


 You can even Create a Real-time Dashboard on Datastudio with all the metrics at one place using Supermetrics pulling metrics from multiple ads accounts you have.Try exploring that