Infusionsoft ran into error (Fault 10 no field found) only at last step

  • 4 June 2022
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I’m getting this error “While requesting "contact" from Infusionsoft we ran into an error: Fault (code 10) occurred. Message: [NoFieldFound]No field found: Contact._ReviewedBy” 

Though this field shows up on my Infusionsoft “Update/Create contact” step I still get this error. I’m not mapping any information to this field and still it hits the error.


Is there something I can do? I checked on my IFS account and this field does not exist on the Custom Fields


Thank you

1 reply

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Hi @4iiz Support ,

I suspect this may be a bug but can’t be certain! There are a couple of options to try: 

  1. If possible, you can try adding the custom field back to Keap. I know that Keap has a limit on the number of custom fields so it's possible this one was deleted to free up room for other fields so it may not be possible. 
  2. Adding a brand new Keap Max Classic connection and use the new connection in this Zap. That seems to 'reset' the custom fields that Zapier is expecting and should allow you to continue setting up this Zap. 

Let us know if either of those does the trick!