Email address from Sheets to mailchimp w/ tag wont trigger the Mailchimp automation

  • 3 January 2022
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I have a mailchimp/Google Sheets that transfers a email address from sheets to Mailchimp with a tag added. The tag/email is going to Mailchimp but the tag is not triggering the email automation flow that is supposed to go out inside Mailchimp.

I checked with Mailchimp support and when I manually add a tag to an email address it sends the automation email but when it comes through the zap, it wont trigger the automation

Is there some setting in zapier that I am missing? Why does the new lead email / tag not trigger the automation flow in mailchimp

6 replies

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Hi @e.dgr 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured, thanks.

May depend on how you are testing the Zap. (e.g. using the same Contact for your tests)

Also check your Mailchimp Customer Journey settings.
Contact repeats journey
Allows contacts to repeat your journey more than once.
After a contact exits a journey, we’ll block them from re-starting it for 5 minutes.
This is designed to help prevent abuse.


Hi, I added three screenshots,

  1. lead email automation - Send Recruitment qualified lead to MailChimp candidate audience and add “RQL | Not Contacted Yet” Tag attached
  2. look up spreadsheet every hour for RQL. The reason for this is our team looks through the leads manually.
  3. Zap add subscriber with tag to MailChimp
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This Zap step configuration will only return 1 GSheet Row (if found) each hour, is that the desired behavior?


Hmm, no the desired behavior would be to return multiple GSheet rows (if found). Sometimes we may get multiple leads in an hour.

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Check this related topic:


NOTE: You’d need 2 Zaps

1 Zap to trigger every hour (see below) and the Zap structure provided in the topic above.

  1. Trigger: Schedule
  2. Action: Webhook - POST
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Hi @e.dgr :wave_tone3:  Checking in to see if you were able to achieve your workflow with Troy’s suggestions! Would love to know of any additional workflows you have created that other folks may find helpful!