Question Error : {"field-errors":{"lead":"Object does not exist."},"errors":[]}

  • 8 April 2022
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Hi everyone, 

we want to automate the inbound lead contact from our Squarespace website. We share blog articles on our Squarespace Blog that have files attache, which are useful to our target group. The lead needs to fill out a form and gets a link directly to the file that he/she can download. I created the Zap that this triggers an automatic lead creation in our CRM, which works well. 

The Zap that I am struggling with is the automatic email creation. It does not recognise the “lead”, which is a required field and I dont know which information I need to enter. I’ve tried “Name” and “ID” but in both cases it states:  {"field-errors":{"lead":"Object does not exist."},"errors":[]} 
However, when choosing those is shows the data from the Test Import from Squarespace form AND I can see the data in Close. What do I do? 

Happy for any advice

6 replies

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Hey @Dr.M 

Can you please share screenshots of the every step you configured inside Zapier so we can give a better answer

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Hi @Dr.M 

Good question.

Per the description under the Lead field, you will need to use the Lead ID.


Try adding an action step before to Find/Create the Lead.

Make sure to manually test the step when configure the Zap to get a real Lead ID from Close.


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@Dr.M were you able to get this workflow sorted? If not, please let us know- @Satya09 can likely assist if you’re able to share screenshots!

Hello Everyone, 

I am hoping to get this thread re-started again, as I am having the same issue and error message connecting Apollo with Close. I need Zapier to first identify which lead (account/company) the new contact I am creating belongs to, then proceed to create a new contact in close under that lead. I am not sure how to make the correct lead will always be identified before the new contact is created. Any ideas? 



@Liz_Roberts @Troy Tessalone ?

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Hi @FaroukShoukry 

Use this Zap action instead: Close - Create Lead

This will also create a Contact.