Add Royalty Free Music to Zapier

  • 18 May 2022
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I am curious if there is an app on zapier that allows you to add music to a video?

For example, I create an mp4 video with Bannerbear and then I would like an app to download the video, add royalty free music, and give me that same MP4 video link so I can upload it across social channels?


2 replies

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Hi @Tina Lopez,

Welcome to our group!

That’s a tricky one- I don’t know of a specific standalone app that would achieve your entire workflow but curious if @Satya09 may have some insight here. @Satya09 any ideas here? Thanks!

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Hello @Tina Lopez 

Banner Bear can generate videos with audio added.There are some articles on the Banner Bear blog where you can get a video created adding the necessary files like Audio using Airtable in combination with Zapier.

Just reachout to Banner Bear support they might be able to guide you better for your specific usecase