Zap trigger is worked well, But Webflow CMS is not updated.

I am reaching out to seek your assistance with an integration issue that I am currently facing between Docsend, Zapier Storage, and Webflow. While the Zapier trigger seems to be functioning properly, I have encountered a problem where the expected behavior of increasing the value number on the live website is not being realised. Despite thorough checks and configurations, I have been unable to resolve this issue on my own.

The idea is to increase the “download number” on each product, every time someone click on the download button.



Any ideas?




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@SamB @chanelle 

Thanks for getting back to me.

Here’s the integration I’m trying to create:

New Visit in Docsend

Increment Value in Storage by Zapier

Update Live Item in WebFlow

The idea is to create a Zap that triggers the following action:
Every time someone clicks on the download button in one of my products, it triggers the Number of Downloads counter (Increment the value by 1). Everything seems to be working fine, but the actual number of downloads are always incorrect. Let’s say the number is “10” and instead of increasing to “11” after someone clicks on the button, it jumps to a random number like “74”.

I believe the “Number of Downloads” (Screenshot attached) should reflect what I have on my WebFlow CMS but at the moment it’s not. I’ve created a Zap for each product, and for some reason the information seems to be somehow linked to each other causing the issue. 

There’s a video on Youtube that gives you a better understanding of what I’m sort of trying to achieve.
Here’s the link:

Does that makes sense? Let me me know if you need further info from me.




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Hey there @Rafael Martins jumping in to see if I can help!

Can you please clarify which trigger and action you are using? From there I can double check whether the trigger is instant or runs on a schedule! 

Hi @Sam

I just noticed that the trigger is actually working fine.
Does it take some time for the numbers to update after someone clicks on the button?

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Hi @Rafael Martins, welcome to the Community! 🙂

Am I right in thinking that you’re using a Zap with the New Space Download (Docsend) trigger to run when someone clicks the download button, and using the Update Item (Webflow) action to update the “download number” field for the product?

If so, is the issue that it’s not updating the correct product? Or is more that the value is not updated?

To help give us a better idea on what might be causing the download number to not be updated correctly here, could you please share a screenshot of the settings and fields that have been selected on the set up of the Webflow action in the Zap? Don’t forget to remove/hide any private information (like names, emails etc.) from the screenshots first.

Thanks, looking forward to your response here!