Working on a Bitrix24 CRM and Shopify integration to update Shopify orders based on Bitrix24 CRM changes

  • 26 May 2023
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Hello Zapier Community!

I'm working on an integration between Bitrix24 and Shopify and have a task to update orders in Shopify based on changes in Bitrix24.

I've noticed that the existing actions in Zapier allow me to only create new orders in Shopify, not update existing ones. I'm aware that Shopify's API can be used to update order metafields and webhooks can be used to preserve existing tags when adding new ones. However, this information was published two years ago, and I'm curious if there have been any new methods or additional features in Zapier for updating orders in Shopify since then.

If anyone has fresh information on this issue or recommendations for best practices for such integration, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

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Hi @Onkron!

I believe you may be referring to this Community post:

As of right now, that would be the only method to use since Update Order is not yet supported as an action for the Shopify integration. I’ve added your vote for the existing feature request we have, which means if/when it gets added you’ll be notified via email.

Another option is to create a private integration on the Zapier Developer Platform, which in many ways is similar to how you’d set up Webhooks. It’s more involved, but it would mean you could more easily re-use the action when you need it. You could look into hiring a Zapier Expert to help with any of this as well :)