When attempting to “Upload File in Google Drive” the file being uploaded is a samlsso (SAML POST Binding) file

  • 6 October 2022
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Hi Zapier Community,


I am attempting to create an automation workflow where New Tickets created in JIRA would have their attachments uploaded to Google Drive. (preferably in zip format)


At the moment I am able to grab the attachment link - however when attempting to “Upload File in Google Drive” the file being uploaded is a samlsso (SAML POST Binding) file. 


Any help would be appreciated!



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5 replies

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Couple of questions for you before I can formulate a good response:

  1. What is the name of the field you are pulling the link from? Is it “Content”?
  2. Do you have a paid Jira account? If so, have you updated the permissions so that the project you’re pulling from can be accessed publicly?
  1. Tried a few fields here, including Fields Attachments Content
  2. Yes, it’s corporate JIRA account that uses SSO

Thanks for the help!

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Hmm...Fields Attachments Content is definitely the information you want to grab for this. Without a closer look into your account, it may be difficult to diagnose what’s going on here.

I’d recommend reaching out to a Zapier Expert to look at this with you more closely.

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Hi @molto.contento!

As Todd mentioned, if you’d like to use the url of the attachment then the download url will need to be publicly accessible. Are you able to change that setting in the project?

Also, would you be able to let us know if you’re using Jira Software Server or Jira Software Cloud, as that gives us a better idea of what we’re working with, thanks!

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Hi @molto.contento

Just checking in, how are you getting on with this Zap? Let us know if you still need some help!