What is the difference between the "Changes Status" vs. "Changes Stage" in Salestrekker?

If I set up a zap with "deal changes status in salestrekker", what does the "changes status" mean?


How is that different from "deal changes stage in salestrekker"?

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Hi @ereurts 

Info from Salestrekker help articles:


Deal Stages are part of a workflow pipeline.


Deal status can categorize deals into the following states:

  • Open

  • Paused

  • Lost

  • Settled / Post to commission

  • Won / Paid

  • Deleted (Archived)

Ok, great. Thanks! So I might need triggers for both. Because marking a deal as “lost” will not fire a zap that triggers on “Deal Change stage”


Another question, do you know if a zap fires when a deal changes workflow?


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Hi @ereurts 

If a Deal changes a workflow pipeline, then it would likely change the stage, so that might fire the Zap trigger: Deal Changes Stage


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