Use Google Sheets to create and update Google Calendar Event

  • 20 November 2023
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I am trying to use google spreadsheet and google calendar as a way to create the monthly schedule for my company. I have the first column for the date, and the second column is for the name of the person working at that location. I do not want to set a time for these events, as I would like them to be added as ‘all day’ events. I want to update the spreadsheet and have the Google Calendar update automatically. I have used the steps described below that I found from another Zapier forum. Although, when I try to update the spreadsheet, instead of updating the existing event, a new event is created in addition to the event that already exists. 

How can I make it so the existing event is updated when the spreadsheet is updated? And not create duplicate events?


These are the steps I have followed:

Zap 1

  1. Google Sheets: New Spreadsheet Row
  2. Google Calendar: Create Detailed Event
  3. Google Sheets: Update Spreadsheet row - For the row to update, select the ‘Custom’ option and use the row ID from the row that triggered the Zap. The Create Detailed event step will give you an event ID, add that ID to the end of the row. 


Zap 2

  1. Google Sheets: New or Updated row
  2. Google Calendar: Update event - to select which event to update, choose ‘Custom’ and use the event ID that will be in the row from when the event was created

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3 replies

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In Zap 2, the Filter would be Step 2, and check for the existence of a GCal Event ID.

Hi Troy,

Thanks for the response. Can you please elaborate on how I should use the filter. What field and condition am I supposed to use? And at what point in Zap 2 is the filter applied, in between update row and update event?

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Hi @iris356 

Good question.

In Zap 2, you need to add a Filter step to check the existence of the GCal Event ID from Zap 1.