Updating Different Sheets Files

I have several different spreadsheet templates based on different locations. When I receive a new order, I need to identify the correct spreadsheet based on that location. All of which I can do via a series of “Find folders / files” zaps based off inputed data. I then want to add a spreadsheet row with all the data I have collected from the order. However if I use the custom ID of the spreadsheet (shown below), whilst it recognises the worksheets, will not show the row headers and therefore I cannot input the necessary data. 


If I select the spreadsheet directly, all the fields show up, however cause this spreadsheet will change dependant on each order, this is no solution. I have also tried splitting text to extract the ID of the spreadsheet but it seems that any custom field in the spreadsheet input will remove the ability to see the fields within the worksheet. 

Any ideas?

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Hi @Jimmyzaps 

Check this help topic:


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Hi @Jimmyzaps 

In this case, I’d suggest using Paths, that way you will be map values with correct columns instead of dynamically trying to select it. You can have 15 paths (that means 15 different spreadsheets) in a single zap. 

Hey Rob,

Does that mean theres no way to dynamically choose a spreadsheet? 

I can build out the paths but its not future proof, and laborious.