System error message when trying to integrate Moodle with Mailchimp

  • 27 March 2021
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I am trying to integrate Moodle with Mailchimp. When somebody subscribes to a new Moodle Course, subscriber data must be created or updated in Mailchimp.  But I am not able to log in to Moodle from Zapier integration process:

“We hit an error adding your new account
autentication failed: Error code enablewsdescription: Web Services must be enabled with advanced features.”

I don’t know what to do. Can somebody help me?


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9 replies

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@Vcarnemolla, hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in here!

Can you check to see if you received the response from our escalations team? I just resent the reply from them and you should now have a new email from that ticket that you can respond to. :)

Userlevel 1  now is on my safe list.

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Hi @Vcarnemolla!

I took a look at the last email that you sent to the Support Team and I can see that they did send you a reply and you haven’t seen it. Did it perhaps get lost in your Spam folder? Or if you’re using a Gmail inbox, support replies sometimes end up in the ‘Promotions’ tab. The best way to find an email that’s already been sent is to search your inbox for the sender


Moving forward, could you add to a safe list and/or create a rule where emails from that address are sent to your primary inbox? I want to make sure that you’re hearing back from us!

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Ok..I’ll try to contact Support Team but they never replied me to other question I sent in the past...sigh...

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Hi @Vcarnemolla!


Thanks for letting us know what you’ve tried so far and I’m sorry that you’re still hitting this error when you try to connect your Moodle account to Zapier. 


There aren’t any known issues that would cause this error, so the best thing to do in this case is to contact the Support Team as they will be able to dig into your Zap with you and take a closer look. The best way to contact them is via the Get Help Form - make sure that you let them know you’ve enable web services and add the screenshot that you have here in the thread as that will help them to get to the root of things faster 🙂

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@MichelleS, @Troy Tessalone yes! Enable web services is flagged...I have the error even if It was flagged before I try to use Zapier…


Web service identification is ON

I insert all imformation (the user is MANAGER):

Then I have this error:


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Hello! Have y’all enabled Mobile Web Services in Moodle? This might be caused if Mobile Web Services are not enabled. To enable them in Moodle: Access Administration> Site administration> Advanced features > Check 'Enable web services' then click 'Save Changes'

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Hi @Troy Tessalone ! I have the same problem. 

I check your link and I make everything in the guide (also here 

) but I have always the error.

How can I integrate Moodle with Zapier? Who can help me?

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Hi @fernando_constelar 

Check out this Moodle article: