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Stop Zap from Continuing if Mailchimp User in Certain Group Category

  • 14 December 2020
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Hello again! I’m having another Zaper/Mailchimp issue.

Here’s what I’ve got—

Trigger: New Subscriber in Mailchimp
Action: Filter: Only Continue If > User doesn’t belong to certain Groups

Here’s a message that Zapier gives you in the Trigger:

And, here’s the trigger data that it pulls from the user, related to Groupings:


Here’s one version of a solution I’ve tried:

Filter set up like this, where the Zap wouldn’t continue if the new sign-up was in the “Opt-Ins” Group Category—

Am I instead supposed to put in “Example Group Category 1” or something? That seems like what the Zapier message is telling me to do. But that wouldn’t make sense because—

  1. Problem 1: How am I supposed to know which Group is which?
  2. Problem 2: It’s still only showing 2 Group Categories and I have more than 2 Group Categories. So, How would I set up a boolean string to keep the Zap from continuing if they were in ANY of the Group Categories I wanted to name?

Has anyone else run into this problem? This seems kind of basic, so I don’t understand. But, I hope I’m missing something. 

Thanks for any help!


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Try this:

  1. Adding a dummy Mailchimp Subscriber to all Group Categories.
  2. Create a test Zap, with an Action of Find Subscriber
  3. Manually test to find the dummy MC Subscriber, which should return all the Group Category values you’re seeking to use in the Zap Filter Step
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@Troy Tessalone That was a great suggestion. I might actually try it again to test some other things out in my funnel. But, before I saw it, I actually realized that the Filter set-up I have pictured above worked. (So, just typing in the name of the Group Category itself and not the dummy text.)

What WASN’T working was needing to put a delay between the trigger and that step, because I have another automation running that assigns a different Group Category to certain subscribers.

It’s a little hard to communicate, but (in case it’s helpful to others who come across this), here’s what I have going;

Zap 1:

  • Trigger: New Form Submitted in Leadpages (Survey Opt-In Group, inside of the “Opt-Ins” Group Category)
  • One of the Actions then includes: Add Subscriber to Mailchimp + Assign them to the Survey Opt-In Group

Zap 2 (the one addressed in my OP here):

  • Trigger: New Subscriber Added to Mailchimp
  • Action: Delay 3 Minutes (this keeps the two Zaps from conflicting)
  • Action: Filter > Only Continue If: Group Category / Does Not Contain / Opt-Ins (this keeps some duplication from happening, but also keeps the sign-ups that happen above—the “Survey Op-In people—from ALSO being added to a second Group, “Ongoing”)
  • Action: Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp > User is added to “Ongoing” Group

Thanks, all!