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Shared mailbox / outlook

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+1 from me please, this would be a powerful feature. Most of our mail flow utilises shared mailboxes. @Danvers can you please add me to the list of customers after this feature?

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Hi @Merci!

I’ve added you to the list of users that have requested that addition, which lets the team know how many user would like to see it and also means that we’ll send you an email if we have an update. Thanks 🙂

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@Merci - I’ve flagged this so someone from Team Zapier can add your vote.

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Where can I find the feature request for this? I would like to upvote this. It’s pretty major since most businesses use a shared mailbox due to cost reasons. 

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Hi @kevin770! We don’t have a solution for this right now, I’m sorry about that. 

We do have a feature request open to support shared accounts. I've added your email address as another vote for this addition - we use these feature lists to prioritise updates to the integrations which we maintain. I don't have an ETA of when or if this will happen, but we will definitely email you if we add it in the future. :)

@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu thx. No, still struggling with that. Would be awesome to have a solution :)

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Sorry we missed this! Did you get things sorted out, or do you still need help?

+1 from me


My workflow is as follow: We use a CRM/project management tool with CardDAV, which is not readable by M365. So I try to import through Zapier (whenever our tool creates a new contact, a contact in M365 should be created.

I don’t want this attached to a personal mailbox within M365, as it wouldn’t work anymore after this person left the company. Thus, I created a shared mailbox which all users can integrate into their Outlook Apps.

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Hi @m k ,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you share more about your workflow and any additional apps you’re using?

Once we have a better idea of what flow you’re looking to achieve we can go from there!