Send Zoom link to Recurring Zoom Scheduled Meeting every Monday to Slack team channel?

  • 17 March 2024
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This is for our Recurring Team meeting every Monday.

I'm struggling with sharing Zoom links for our recurring Monday meetings in our Slack channel. Our meetings are prescheduled in Zoom, but there’s no option to easily retrieve and share these links automatically in Slack.


Using Zap "Create New Meeting" for each session isn't an option since our meetings are already set up to recur in Zoom. We want to keep the benefits of prescheduled meetings without manually sharing links each week.


Has anyone figured out a workaround or a tool that helps with automating the sharing of Zoom meeting links for recurring meetings in Slack?


Thanks for any suggestions!

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1 reply

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Hi @zonphoto 

You may have to explore using the Zoom API via one of these advanced options.


  1. Trigger: Schedule (Weekly on Monday at X)
  2. Action: Zoom -
    1. Custom Action
    2. API Request