Send email reminders for Pipedrive activities one day before and one hour before they take place

  • 18 December 2021
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Dear zapier community,


I tried different things to make our automation work but couldnt get it going as we are seeking. 

Therefore i hope to find help here.

We are using Pipedrive as our CRM and want to automate the following process:

When there is a g meet (new activity) set up for e.g. a client meeting in pipedrive we want to automatically send a reminder email to the client exactly one day before the g meet (activity) takes place and again one hour before it takes place.

Is this automation possible with zapier? And if so, how? 


Thanks in advance for answers! Best regards,

Hennes Braunsdorf 

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4 replies

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Hi @Hennes Braunsdorf 

Try using Pipedrive Workflow Automation:

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Hi @Hennes Braunsdorf,


Yes, that’s possible with Zapier. 


Your Zap should be set up as follows: 

  1. Trigger: New Activity in Pipedrive
  2. Formatter by Zapier / Date/Time - Use it to get the date/time for the reminder. Repeat the step for the second reminder
  3. Delay by Zapier / Delay Until
  4. Find person in Pipedrive by searching for the “Person ID” from step 1. Use this step to get the email address
  5. Email of your choice to send the reminder

I hope this answers your question! 




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@Hennes Braunsdorf 

NOTE about the Delay app:

I Need to Delay a Step Longer Than 1 Month

You can delay an action for up to 31 days. Combining Delay steps to increase that maximum may error and isn’t recommended. Use Google Calendar’s Event Start trigger to [create delays for longer than 31 days]((

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Hey @Hennes Braunsdorf just wanted to check in here! Looks like you reached out to our support team for further assistance on this one and that you let them know you had found a solution. Would you be willing to share how you solved this in this thread to help others who may have a similar use case? Let us know!