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Select owner in Airtable using member name from Trello?

  • 30 September 2021
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I’m setting up a Zap that is triggered by any card being dropped into an In Progress list in Trello.

That trigger then creates a new record in an Airtable base. That’s easy enough to set up as a Zap.

But I can’t figure out how to get the Trello Member Name to populate the new Airtable record in a column named owner.

The only option I could see was mapping a Trello field named Member IDs (or something like that) to the Owner column in Airtable.

I’d like the Airtable record to display the actual Member name on the Trello card, not the ID.

Is there anyway to achieve this? If the Member ID route is the only option, is there a way in Airtable you know of to map a set of names to specific Trello Member IDs?

Thank you for your help! Loving Zapier so far.


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Hi @Nathan Hamilton 

If the trigger doesn’t give you member name, you have two options to get that:

  1. Use a lookup table from Formatter>Utilities and save all the members IDs and names there. So zapier can find members’ name based on their IDs
  2. Use API: Using Trello’s API & Zapier’s webhook by zapier action you can find member name from their IDs:
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Hi @Nathan Hamilton 

Here’s a help article about how to use the Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table:


Same concept of a lookup table can be done with a GSheet Lookup Row action or an Airtable Find Row action.



Thank you. The lookup utility was the right solution.