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Salesforce field availability when mapping to Google Sheets action - missing some fields

  • 6 July 2021
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I am populating a new Google Sheet worksheet with headers from a Salesforce record. I notice that my options of fields to pull from are limited but I am not sure why some show up as valid fields to pull while others are missing. Does anyone know what drives the fields that are able to be pulled from Salesforce? See below for the screen I am on when looking at the options to choose.




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4 replies

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Just came across this and wanted to add that sometimes when a custom field isn’t appearing in the Zap it can be due to a delay between it being added to Salesforce and being “seen” by the Zap. More on that here: Custom fields/objects not loading

That said, as Troy mentioned, if the sample record pulled in from Salesforce doesn’t have a value present for the custom field that could be why it’s missing. In cases like that you’ll want to try pulling in a new sample record with a value in the missing field to see if that then allows the missing field to be selected. 

If after pulling in a new sample it’s still not loading it may be best to reach out to our Support team. They will be able to dig into the logs and set up of the Zap to investigate further. The best way to do that is by using our Get Help form.

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Does the sample record returned when you are configuring the Zap have populated data points for these custom fields in Salesforce?

Hi @Troy Tessalone , I am looking for fields that exist on the record itself, not a linked object. For example, I have custom fields that hold information I will need in the Google Sheet.


I have had this Zap for some time and in continuing to troubleshoot I noticed it was referencing old fields. I recreated the zap and that seemed to trigger a refresh of available fields (the ‘Refresh Fields’ button apparently wasn't doing anything). This should have fixed the issue of not seeing fields I believed should have been included.

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Hi @FrankP 

Can you further elaborate on the fields that you are trying to get from Salesforce?

If it’s a linked object, then you’ll have to use a Find Record step to get the details for that object.

Example, Account ID is a linked object: