Pulling GoogleAds Call Report Details

  • 25 January 2021
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I am wondering if there is any way to set up a Zap that pulls call detail information from GoogleAds reporting (phone number, call duration, received etc). We usually have a call ad campaign running on each Google Ads account.

Would ideally like this transferred to data box but can use google sheets if need be. 


Is there a way to do this? 



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4 replies

Hello, unfortunately, you can’t pull detailed call reports from google analytics to the best of my knowledge. It’s the call report details from google ads under call details that I would like pulled with information. 


Here is a photo of what I mean.



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@roiguys Did you ever find a solution here?

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Hi @roiguys 

Not sure if this will be applicable but with Zapier you can Run Report for Google Analytics.


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Hey @roiguys,

thank you for your message and welcome. What @Troy Tessalone described could be a solution. How does your Ads campaigns look like? Because if it is a Lead Ad it can also work with the Google Ads Webhooks. Let me know if this is the case then we can look at it how to achieve it :)

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