Pull Sheet Rows based on Range of Date (dynamic)

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Objective: Send weekly slack message containing the sheets contents of that week puling from the “date” column. 

Example: See image below


My zap will be a weekly scheduled trigger. I would like to be able to input the row into the slack message based on the current date range. I would prefer to remain in google sheets and not transfer to airtable. I am comfortable formatting the slack message, I just need to be able to have the correct rows as input. 

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Hi @jessie8o8 

Good question.

Try adding another column to the GSheet that uses a formula function to get the week number for the date.

Then use can use the GSheets Lookup Row(s) action to search by the week number, thus achieving a dynamic range to return the matching rows.

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I like Troy’s idea of adding a week number column…

I have a similar Zap I use, but it’s a daily one, so I have a calculated column in the Google Sheet where the date is formatted exactly the way I’ll want my Zapier search to look for it.

The Zapier search/action I use for that is “Lookup Spreadsheet Rows (output as Line Items)” and it works great