Possible to only filter certain issue types on Jira?

Hi Team

I am unable to figure this out - Is it possible to create Zap actions only for certain issue types on Jira account.

In my case, there is 1 request type we are accepting on Jira with 3 variants - A/B/C & I want to set a command that only if the selected field says “A” - then create slack channel and not for others.

Is it possible to do that? I am unable to figure out such filtering criteria 

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Hi @RenuJ 


You will need to use a Filter by Zapier step right after the trigger where you filter for the category you need. This means that any other category although it will trigger the zap it will not pass to the next step (and therefore won't cost you any tasks in Zapier)

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Hi @RenuJ 

Help articles for the Filter app: