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PipeDrive Organization Search only returns one record

  • 10 August 2020
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I have set up the integration to PipeDrive, and I am searching on a custom field.  The problem is that it only returns ONE record from Organizations.  I put in a test set that has duplicates, and it only returns one organization.

I need it to return an array or list of the orgs, then I can filter out which one needs to get updated, OR let me search on more than one field at a time.

Anyone else have this experience or know how to fix?


Best answer by Liz_Roberts 17 August 2020, 16:10

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4 replies

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Try the Pipedrive API endpoint to “Search Organizations”:!/Organizations/get_organizations_search

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@wdenny3885 I see you were chatting with Caleb in Support about this workflow and aside from refining your search, they suggested one of our Agencies might be able to help you build this out. If you choose that route, you could also post in the Work Offered category.

Sorry that we ended up a bit stuck here, but hoping one of our Agencies/Experts will be able to assist!

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Hi @wdenny3885!

Did @Troy Tessalone ‘s above suggestion do the trick? 

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I am familiar with the pipedrive api. The point of using Zapier is to avoid writing custom integrations an all that entails. We have a bunch of those already.  If that is the answer, then I might as well not use Zap for that integration…