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New meeting note in Hubspot publishes a new page to Confluence (or the other way round)


I’m trying to set up a zap between two apps - Hubspot and Confluence.

What I want to achieve is that

When I post a meeting note under a Company in Hubspot, a new page/blog post is automatically published to corresponding Company page in Confluence.

OR (even better)

When I post a new page in Confluence, the contents of that page get transferred to a corresponding Company in Hubspot and the action items from that page are automatically added to my ‘To-do list’ for that Company.


Is it possible to do it?


Best answer by GetUWired 28 July 2022, 15:08

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@GetUWired This sounds great, I’ll try and see if that could work. Thanks for all your help!

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Hard to say without seeing the data that comes back from the trigger step. If it isn’t 1:1 then hopefully you get something back that can tie you to the company. If so, you can implement a lookup table using Zapier’s formatter action to translate the company information to the Hubspot company id which can then be passed dynamically into the create engagements step. 


Hi GetUWired,


Thanks for your prompt response.

I assume it will not be as easy if there’s no 1:1 correspondence between confluence space and a company in Hubspot?

If not, I will need to explore the Hubspot to Confluence integration instead.



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Hi @justip 

It does sound like your ideal flow is doable but you may have to set up multiple zaps (1 for each company).

I am making the assumption that there is a 1:1 relationship between a space in confluence and a company in Hubspot. 
Here is a flow to get you started:

Trigger: New Page or Blog Post in Confluence Server

Action: Create Engagement in Hubspot