Missing leads data due to plan downgrading

  • 19 December 2022
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our plan was downgraded due to payment issue. now that is fixed but we have missing lead data.

how we can add that data in CRM

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3 replies

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Hi @Larc, welcome to the Community!

This will depend on where the missing lead data was coming from and if you’re able to export it. There isn’t a way for a Zap to retroactively go back and find data that happened in the past, but you can use Transfer to bulk import data to Zapier. 

What’s the trigger app for your Zap? And are you able to export the missing leads into a spreadsheet? 


we are using facebook app to for lead and add into CRM. we have data on facebook but not CRM. i am looking a way like replaying stopped or error zaps to run and add it. 

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Hey @Larc  - so unfortunately, if your payment issue meant your Zaps were turned off and those leads came through while they were off... there is no way for the Zap to go back and retreat the leads that came through when it wasn’t on. 

That said, like Danvers mentioned, you can use Transfer by Zapier: - to create a new transfer for the ones you missed..

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Just put FBLA on one side, and your CRM on the other and just like building a Zap you will be able to set up how it works and manually push the leads through to the CRM. All you’ll need to do is see the last lead that came through your Zap live BEFORE the pause, and the one right after things were turned on ...and transfer all the leads in between.


Please let me know if you have any questions!