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Media thumbnails for Facebook and Twitter within Buffer are not appearing in my trigger data

Does anyone know how to extract a media thumbnail or media picture from buffer? Currently the media thumbnail is able to be extracted from my instagram posts on buffer: see below


 but it does not offer the same option for my facebook and twitter posts. Is there an added step I could utilize for this feature. It used to offer it for facebook but then suddenly stopped. 


Best answer by christina.d 15 June 2022, 22:34

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Hey @yvette! Just wanted to check in on this once more! Were you able to get those thumbnails to come across? Let us know!

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Hey @yvette! Just wanted to let you know that I dug into this further and was able to see that other users are able to grab media thumbnails from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I am wondering if retesting your trigger and ensuring your sample data includes posts that had images associated with them will help you find what you’re looking for here!

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Hey friends! I wanted to summarize some of the recommended troubleshooting steps here :

📝Jesse suggested:

  1. Using the search bar to “search all available fields” for the term “thumbnail” and seeing if anything populates. 
  2. If no, retest Buffer trigger step and choose a sample with a known Facebook and/or Twitter thumbnail
  3. Search for thumbnail again

They were able to confirm other users were having success so these steps don’t work it may be worth opening a ticket with our support team to get extra insight!

I hope this helps!

Hey @jesse Jesse, unfortunately, I haven’t managed to find a solution yet.  I tried the suggestions provided without any success. Would be great for buffer to add! 


Thanks for your help @jesse @Troy Tessalone 

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Hi @yvette 

Good question.

Guessing that because Instagram is a visual first app, that’s why the image is available, whereas Twitter and Facebook are text first apps, which may be why the images are not available by default.

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@yvette Ahh, thanks for coming back here to confirm! I see you have a recent conversation going with our support about a different but somewhat related issue. Perhaps asking them to dig into this might provide a more solid answer on if there is a trick to getting these to come across or if it’s just not possible (in which case, they can submit a feature request on your behalf). 

We’d love to hear what support is able to find if you do decide to reach out!

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@yvette to add onto what Troy mentioned, if you use the search bar there to “search all available fields” for the term “thumbnail”, does anything else appear? If not, try retesting your Buffer trigger step and choose a sample where you know there is a thumbnail for Facebook and/or Twitter. Then, search for the thumbnail again. 

If nothing still comes across, I think it’s safe to say this isn’t supported yet. In that case, please let me know so I can add your vote for this to be added as well as communicate this to the Buffer team! 🙂