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Lookup from Google Sheets table?

  • 15 June 2020
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How do I lookup a value in a google sheets table and return a corresponding value which can then be pushed to an app. Specifically, I am pulling data from mailparser. I want zapier to lookup a value in a google sheets table (or any other app where I can store a table), find the adjacent normalized value and return this, which will then go to Pipedrive. I can’t figure out how to do. Would love some guidance. Thank you. 


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6 replies

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Hi @byddigidol!

I checked and I can see that the Zap is turned on and has some successful runs :) So is this working for you now?

Thanks for your response.

I mapped the ID field from my trigger. 

I am still unable to update the deal value in PipeDrive from the google sheets lookup. 

Below is my zap.

Any suggestions?

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Hi @byddigidol!

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you can see that when I searched for the name “Jane” I also get the other information that’s in that row. So I think that part is straightforward enough. The updating of the deal in Pipedrive is a tiny bit trickier. Instead of choosing the customer from the dropdown, you would click on the Custom option. We have a great help doc here (including a video) that you can check out:

You would map the ID field from your trigger step into that custom field. Take a look at the help doc and I think this will all make more sense :)

I am trying to achieve the following with Zapier without success. 

When I add a new deal is PipeDrive.  I add a value in a customer field called procedure type.  

I want to use Zapier to look up the procedure type in a google sheets table and return a corresponding cost of the procedure and then update the deal value of the new deal in PipeDrive. 

I can’t figure out how to do. Would love some guidance. Thank you. 

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Perfect. Thank you !

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Hi @MarioR!

If you look up a row in Google Sheets, when you find the row you’ll see all the values from that row. You can then map those other values to other steps (like Pipedrive).

So if I had this…

And searched for this…


Then it would return that whole row and I could map values into other steps:


Does that help to explain the process? Please let me know if you still need help with something!