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  • 23 May 2020
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Can anyone help me how this can be done. How does zap takes value for multiple line items? any sample zap that I can refer? please help.


 In my shopify order , i have more than one fulfiled line item and each line item has set of different values  → but i need to apply same match on all.



line item#1 product1, price1, qty1

line item#2 product2,price 2, qty2 


before i create invoice in quickbooks, 

I need to say calculate amount /TAX:  by using formula Amount = Price*Qty. 

How can I apply the same formula for these two line items so that in invoice I have two line items 

#1 product1 , amount1

#2 product2,amount2


Another problem is tax, in my shopify quickbooks, i have tax included, but in ZAP, it expects me to give tac excluded ( so i have done all that match, it works with one, but with two line items i am not sure how to make it work).

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3 replies

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Hi @chaitra,

 To you use line item support for Quickbooks you need to use the following structure:

Product: [product1, product2]

Qty: [qyt1,qty2]

Price: [price1,price2]

You can use a “Replace Text” function to build your arrays.  I like to use a tilda “~” because it rarely shows up as a symbol:


The outputs of the above step would then be enclosed by brackets [ ]


For the tax calculation if you build the formula for multiple line items and a zap occurs with a single line item.  The value is null and isn’t seen by the formula. So if you have a “Perform Math Operation” step that adds all the line items together you will get the correct total regardless of how many lines get picked up.


Hope that helps point you in the right direction.

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Thank you for your response. I am having two line items in order, trying to integrate shopify and quickbooks online. I tried using it( screenshot attached but finding trouble in using MATH operation such that in the amount field of line item, I wanted price1*qty1*tax-rate1 and then price2*qty2*tax-rate2 to be filled in amount.


And the tax rate is shopiy shows up as 0.18 ( screenshot) .


Appreciate any help.

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Hi @chaitra 

Sorry we missed your reply! Did you get this sorted or do you still need help ?