is it possible to fill values in specific cells of a google spreadsheet

Hi @Danvers 
Directly coming to the point . In my Trigger i have a google form that is collecting data like First Name , Last Name , Address , Zip Cide , Phone etc . 
I have a google sheet template in which positions of these values are fixed. 

In action i want to copy this sheet and in that copied sheet i want to update the values according to the positions of the cells like First Name should be at <First Name> in the sheet and Zip Code should be at <Zip Code> in the sheet like that only .
In end result what i want is every time when i get a google form response i should get a new google sheet with updated values according to their cells places in the sheet .
is it possible to do this in Zapier.
if it is possible then how ? . please help me .

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Hi @ajay6688, welcome to the Community! 👋

The Google Sheets app requires spreadsheets to be set up in a specific way, so I don’t think it’s going to be possible to have it update cells on a spreadsheet that’s setup as per your screenshot. See our Work with Google Sheets in Zaps guide for more details on the set up requirements.

Do the form submissions need to be added into a spreadsheet specifically? As an alternative perhaps you could create a Google Doc for each submission instead - suggesting that as it’s possible to set up templated fields which would allow you to add values into specific fields. Would that be a suitable alternative? 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi @ajay6688 

To do what you are trying to do would require using the GSheets API via one of these actions:

  • API Request
  • Custom Action (with the help of AI)