Integrating Getresponse with Webflow

  • 17 April 2024
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Everytime we have a new member subscribe to our membership service (a buyer), their contact will automatically be added to Getresponse, which is our CRM software. From there, I want to create a new user account in Webflow so they can login and have access to out membership service built in Webflow. 


How do I send the contact from Getresponse to Webflow in this case? How do I create a new user account in Webflow based on every contact that was added into Getresponse?


It seems like the Webflow available feature in Zapier doesn’t have anything similar to “Create a new user account”.


I appreciate your time. And thanks for all the support.  

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3 replies

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Hi there @Eric Jee,

I did some digging into this, and it seems like there isn’t an available action for the “Create User” action for WebFlow. I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team to create a feature request on your behalf.

You can reach our Support Team here:

Additionally, if you’re familiar with APIs you can use the “API Request (Beta)” action as a workaround since the Create User in WebFlow is support by their API. You can use this as your reference:

Just to be upfront, the API Request Beta is considered an advanced feature, so our support for it may be more limited. Not because we don't want to help, but because APIs can be tricky to troubleshoot since we can't see what's happening on the other side. Every API that you send a request to is going to have slightly different structures that are required.

This makes it hard for us to know why the request may be receiving errors or not working as expected, beyond taking a general look at what's showing in Zapier.

Here are some helpful resources:

Hopefully, this helps!

Hi @ken.a , thanks for your reply.

Yeah i can see that there’s no “Create User” under Webflow’s step. I’ve heard that it’s possible with Webhooks by Zapier. Could you please show me how to use this? There’re quite a few details that I need to plug in which I don’t really know what they are/where to get them.

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Hi @Eric Jee,

I’m so sorry I can’t really help you with setting up the Webhooks since we have limited support for that. I’d recommend reviewing these help articles here:

Additionally, we have a Code & Webhooks section in the Community:

Hopefully, this helps!