Integrating 2 CRMs each has the same name in two different spellings

  • 9 September 2020
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Hi Guys,


I am trying to create a simple flow where I want to collate all the unique contacts from 2 CRMs into a spreadsheet and send them one email for my promotion (don’t ask why I have 2 CRMs - it is a long sob story).

The issue is, there are some names that are common in both but with different spelling or with some extra notations.


CRM1: Name = ABC

CRM2: Name = ABC1 or ABC_X

Both are the came contact but they have no common named fields (like email, phone number etc).


Is there a way for me to create a rule that ABC=ABC1 or ABC=ABC_X so that while the zaps pick them up from the CRMs, they make only one entry in the spreadsheet for my marketing promotion?


Any help would be highly appreciated.


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2 replies

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Hi @manasij 

Just checking back in. Did you manage to work something out here?

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You could use a Formatter action (or actions) on the zap from the CRM that appends extra characters.

Trigger = New contact in CRM

Formatter = Remove extra characters

Action = Stick the value from Formatter into the spreadsheet using Create Spreadsheet Row

This will likely create duplicates, but you can remove them easily enough in the spreadsheet itself.