How to Track the Stripe "Incomplete" payments?

  • 1 February 2023
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Hi there,
I need to track Stripe payments with Zapier. I’m able to track new customers and ‘Failed Payment’ but there are alots of ‘incomplete’ payments in Zapier. I want to track them. 

Per my research, there is not “incomplete’ payment trigger available. 

I would really appreciate your response.

Many thanks!

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2 replies

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Hi @Tonybrunch 

Good question.

You’ll likely need to configure a webhook in Stripe for the desired event.

Go here:

Then, [+ Add Endpoint] and configure.


List of Stripe Events you can subscribe to be notified about via a webhook:


The Zap trigger will be Webhook - Catch Hook, which will provide the webhook URL to place in Stripe.

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Hey there, @Tonybrunch! Thanks for reaching out in community!

I did some digging and full transparency, I’m not sure this workflow is possible at the moment. I found this article on payment intent status (succeeded, canceled, processing, etc.).

Troy pointed us to Stripe’s API docs, and these were the only intent status listed:

We’ve got a ton of crazy smart members in the community so it’s certainly possible someone has achieved a workaround for this! That said, it would likely require some dev intervention. 

Sorry to not have better news here but thanks again for raising this in community!