How to sync specific Hubspot contacts based on custom status and date range to Email Octopus?

  • 20 November 2023
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I’m using SalesForce with Zapier and eMail Octopus. I notice that SF has less trigger / action options vs Hubspot that has 2-2-5x more. I’m willing to change our CRM to Hubspot as we’re a small business. 

QUESTION 1: If a contact’s status changed in Hubspot in a field from “New Lead” to “Closed Lead,” can Zapier automatically update the receiving program (Email Octopus) and remove the closed from an email list in Email Octopus? Can Zapier recognize custom fields I make, understand the status and sync with Hubspot and Email Octopus? 

QUESTION 2: If I want to email Contacts with a custom status I.e. “Potential Purchase” and only sync these contacts for 2023 and not for any years before 2023, can this be done?

Summary: I need to only sync and email specific contacts within a certain date range that have a specific status in a custom field. Thanks.

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2 replies

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For HubSpot there is this Zap trigger.


You can use a Filter step to check conditions:

Thank you Troy. Thats very helpful and I will try. It looks like Hubspot is more flexible interacting with Zapier vs SalesForce