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How to send reminder email 1 week before date in Google spreadsheet?

  • 22 July 2021
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Use case: Remind managers new hire is starting next week


Hi, I’d like setup a zap to send a reminder email 1 week before a date in a google spreadsheet. 


So, i’d need zapier to look at all of the rows in  column D in a spreadsheet and find where that date = 1 week before today. For those rows, send an email to manager’s email in row E to remind them of something. 


Can this be done? 





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HI @SYoung 

Try using this instead: GCal - Event Start


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Hey @SYoung,

What Troy’s suggested here should do the trick. I just wanted to add that when using the Event Start trigger, you’d need to add each spreadsheet row into a Google Calendar as an event for it to work.

If you’d got another Zap that’s adding the rows to the Google Sheet spreadsheet, then you can just add a Create Detailed Event Google Calendar action to it - that will allow you to automatically create the events. Otherwise, you’ll want to set up a Zap that triggers when a New Spreadsheet Row is added in Google Sheets and then use the Create Detailed Event action to add it into Google Calendar.

Then you can set up a separate Zap that uses the Event Start trigger (set to trigger 1 week before) and a Send Email action to send the reminder email.

Hope that helps! :)