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How to send an email drip sequence using Zapier to tagged subscribers in Mailchimp

Hi there, 


I am running a campaign using mailchimp but limited by what I can do due to their restrictions on automations. 


I would like to send set emails on specific days for a specific tag on mailchimp. I am not able to do that on Mailchimp so want to use Zapier to send the emails.


New subscribers tagged in Mailchimp - Zapier sends automatic welcome email - on x date the next email is sent - on y date the third email is sent etc. 


If a new subscriber joins after the specific date trigger for emails two and three, they still get the welcome email followed by the new email scheduled to go out. 


Can anyone help do this?








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Just wanted to follow up here to add that it may also be worth looking at using an app specifically geared towards running drip email campaigns. Such apps would likely give more control over when the emails are sent out.

We have a guide on some of the best email marketing apps for sending out email drip campaigns that may worth checking out here: The 6 best email marketing apps to send drip campaigns in 2021 

That said, if you’d prefer to not use another app to handle the email campaigns then Troy’s suggestion of adding a Delay step would be worth trying. It would allow you to set up a Zap with Delay steps, in between each “Send Outbound Email” action, that could be set to delay each email from being sent out for a specific amount of time.

One thing to note with with Delay steps is that they can only delay actions for a maximum of 30 days. To set a delay that’s longer than 30 days, you could use the workaround outlined here:


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Hi @NatalieButler 

Consider add Delay steps to your Zap to create this drip sequence: