How to forward attachment from a sent email

  • 9 December 2021
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how do i forward an attachment from a sent email ? The account im using is a gmail account, when i create the zap it doesnt seem to include the attachment. I cant figure out how to use the filters to forward emails from the sent folder. I want to keep the email in the sent folder and forward the email from the sent foldder with the attachment. how do i do this?

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1 reply

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Hi @vic 

Try this…

Trigger: Gmail - New Email Matching Search

Search String: in:sent


By default this search will trigger on emails in all folders, including Sent emails, which most people don't want. To limit results, like to your inbox, include in:inbox.

This works the same as the search bar you see in Gmail. For example: from:amy OR from:david or in:inbox subject:dinner label:my-family. Learn more.


I have multiple files on my email but the Zap is giving me a Zip file combining all the files.

If you're using one of the new email-type Gmail triggers and find that all of the attachments on those e-mails are being zipped use the Gmail "New Attachment" trigger instead. This trigger runs once for every attachment on an email.