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How do you clear out digest entries?

  • 8 June 2020
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How do you clear out all entries from a digest? I thought the “Release Existing Digest” action would do this, so I added one to the end of my zap so I could run it again with the same inputs if I needed to, but the digest is keeping all of its old entries, which is messing up subsequent steps.


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6 replies

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Hi @asallen67 the ‘Release Existing Digest’ Action should release/clear out all of the existing items in the digest, so it’s odd that you’re not seeing that. 


Could you share the steps in your Zap and let us know where you’re seeing the digest entries (eg in a different step of the same Zap or in a different Zap)?



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Not sure what changed, but I eventually got the digest entries to clear out. Maybe the digest title/ID was mismatched between the “append entry” and “release” steps. Thanks for the response!

I want to rather reset all the collected digest numbers every midnight so that the digest is for a period of 24 hours only, is that possible? How? @Danvers , @asallen67 

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Hi @mustafa.clearoute!

Would you mind elaborating a bit on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish? You mentioned resetting “all the collected digest numbers every midnight”. What do you mean by digest numbers?

If you could tell us a bit more about your overall workflow that would be super helpful :)

Hey, @nicksimard .

I created a flow of: New ClickFunnels Purchase > Digest > Sum of digest numbers > Release Digest sum at Midnight > Gmail Send Email.


What happens is that the digest keeps adding every new purchase to the sum since the date of creation of the zap, and send the sum. I rather want the zap to do is only send the accumulative sum of the digest of 24 hours period only, day by day, not the accumulative sum since the day of creation of the zap.

May you please help?

Any reply?