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How do more than one person can contribute the same flow?

  • 5 October 2022
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I have created a connection between Salesforce to Jira and it works as expected. However, only my Salesforce account is connected, and it triggers the event only when I create a Case on Salesforce. I want other teammates do the same. I mean I need this trigger to be ran when other teammates create a case on Salesforce as well. I can’t add more than one person currently. Is there anyway that this flow works for other people at the same time? 


Best answer by Danvers 6 October 2022, 11:24

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4 replies

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Hi @alexturan, welcome to the Community!

I would expect that Cases created by your teammates would still trigger the Zap. Could you double-check that the Zap is definitely working for yours and not for theirs? You can see all the times the Zap has run in your Zap history, so that’s a good place to start. 



Hi @Danvers,

Thank you for the reply!

Everybody has their own SF account in our team. For testing purposes, I’ve created a connection between SF to Jira and added couple of active SF accounts. However, I am allowed to select only one of them. Below screenshot  might help;


Even though, I have added multiple accounts, I am allowed to select only one. And only selected account can contribute to this flow. Basically, I need this trigger to be used by all accounts added.


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Thanks for sharing some more detail @alexturan 


You can only connect one account to an action in a Zap, as in your screenshot above, you have to choose which account you want to connect for that action. The Zap should still work when other Salesforce users add Cases though. Could I check, are you using the New Record action, and choosing Case as the type of record? The way that that trigger works, it will pick up all new records every 2-15 minutes (depending on your Zapier plan), so you would see records created by others. 

If you are using the New Record action, could you try testing it again with records (cases) created by different people? Make sure that the Zap is turned on, a new record is created and then wait up to 15 minutes to see if the Zap triggers. 

Let us know what you find, I’d love to make sure that this Zap is working the way that you need. 

Hi @danv

You’re absolutely right. It works for other users as well. Thanks so much for the help!