How do I use Zapier to store GravityForms attachments in Amazon S3 without uploading a single file?

  • 22 May 2024
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Configuring the S3 portion of the zap, there are two fields under “Action” that I am unsure what to do with. The first is called “KEY: The name of the object that will be created in the specified S3 bucket.” I don’t know what this means. The second is called “FILE: Must be a file object from another service (or some text). We recommend keeping files under 500mb or so - depending on the source download speed we can timeout if the file is too large.” But I want attached files to submitted through a form to be deposited in my S3 bucket. I don’t want to upload the same file every time, as this field seems to imply. I think I’m not understanding something here. Thanks to anyone who can  point me in the right direction!

3 replies

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Hi @FlexTech Media ,
We just wanted to see how everything is going with your Zap. Did Troy's recommendation get the job done? Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance with your Zap. We're glad to address any concerns and assist you.
We're looking forward to your response.

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@FlexTech Media 

If you have multiple files to upload (1+), then you can use the Looping app:


Need more help?

Post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.

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Hi @FlexTech Media 

Help articles for using S3 in Zaps:

Help about sending files in Zaps:


I want to add files to a folder

In Amazon S3, folders are designated by the key name.

For example, if you upload a file with the key images/sample1.jpg then it will show in the Amazon S3 console as a file sample1.jpg inside a folder images.