How do I sync Azure AD users in specific group to Constant Contact?

  • 19 September 2023
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I’m looking to create an integration with Azure AD to Constant Contact. My goal is for when a new user is created “and assigned to X group” to create the contact in Constant Contact. Then when the user is removed from the group, remove the contact from Constant Contact.

I’m new to Zapier, playing around I see the command for “new user in Azure AD” but is there a way to add the group criteria? We don’t want all users to be created in Constant Contact just the ones assigned to a certain group.

2 replies

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Hi @Amore514 

Good question.

Try adding a Filter as Step 2:

Hi @Amore514 

Good question.

Try adding a Filter as Step 2:

I can add a filter but it does not let me pick a group, only filter on things in the AD record. Thinks like Job title, name, etc.