How do I send "abandoned cart" mails with a custom CMS using Stripe?

  • 18 March 2024
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I use “Failed Payment Trigger” with Stripe. 

My Zap

Then I normalize the data in the second step. Third step is adding user to the abandoned cart campaign, after this step it will be handled by Mailchimp. 


The problem is, I want to do this fool-proof. Like this:

1- Trigger Failed Payment in Stripe
2- Wait for 8 Hours
3- Look for the failed payment’s “metadata email” in the last 20 payments, if you find a “successful” payment with this e-mail, don’t continue.

4- (If you can’t find a successful payment with that email, continue and)  Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp’s Abandoned Cart Campaign


This seems right now not possible. There is no third step. No function to search for the last payments with a specific data. (paymentId doesn’t work in this case, it changes with every paymentIntent. A customer can try paying with a card, then leave it Incomplete, 2 hours later can try again and be successful. PaymentId of the two actions are different.)

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Hey there @somedigital! Welcome to the Community! 😁

I couldn’t see any existing feature requests to have a “Find Payments” search action added to the Stripe app so I’d recommend contacting our Support team to ask for one to be created. That way we can begin tracking interest in having that action added and let you know if it gets added. You can do that via the form here:

That said, if it’s not currently possible to search for the failed payments using the existing Stripe search actions perhaps you could try using Stripe’s API Request (Beta) action:54eb7209c20541e8a9db03853cd71b65.png

Looking at the Stripe API documentation it seems like you could use the Search PaymentIntents endpoint for search for the failed payments (searching by the customer ID).

It’s a bit more advanced as you’d need to reference Stripe’s API documentation to create the request but we have a general guide on how to set up this kind of action which you might find helpful: Set up an API Request action

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If you run into any issues on that or have further questions just let us know!