How do I get WPForms Status of payment field to show on Google Sheets

  • 6 October 2021
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Hello, I have set up WPForms to Google Sheets Zap but not able to find or select the Payment Status to pull to the Google Sheets (for our internal staff to monitor without having to log into our website admin). We are using PayPal, any instructions or steps to make this happen for us? Thanks.

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4 replies

I did add the PayPal zapier to a second worksheet of the same Google Sheet to check between worksheets without a Google Sheet doc. Hopefully the WPForms Order status solution will be added in the future.

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Maybe look into using the WPForms Webhooks Addon:

Thank you for the information and link. We are not using the Fancy Field for WPForms plugin. I review the link, I don’t think this will show us if any order form sale is pending though? Those are the orders we need to keep track of, it appears Pending may be users that filled the form and submit, went to PayPal but did not complete the payment process? We need to keep track of Pending statuses without having our internal staff log into our website admin to view them there. A good sheet would be great if possible.

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Hi @jflds 
You may have to use PayPal as the Zap trigger to get the desired data points.



For WPForms...

Some Fields Don't Come Through From the Form

If you're not seeing data from all of the fields that have been filled in (or even seeing that the field exists), please check to see if you have any add-ons for WPForms.
One plugin that was found to conflict (apparently discontinued on March 19, 2019) is Fancy Fields For WPForms Lite Plugin Including File Upload.
When used in conjunction with the upgraded version of WPForms, it caused certain fields to not make it to Zapier.