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How do I create a folder and then subfolders in OneDrive

  • 4 March 2020
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I use PracticePanther as my client management system. It links to client folders in OneDrive.

I want to create a Zap that creates a client folder in OneDrive, and then populate that folder with subfolders related to the specific area of law attached to the case. I know how tag client matters in PracticePanther so they are specifically identified in Zapier, and I can get the system to create the initial file in OneDrive, but I cannot figure out how to get subfolders generated in the new folder that is created as part of one Zap.

Is this possible or do I need to create multiple Zaps that are triggered one after the other?

I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Respectfully, JTMarshall


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3 replies

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@JTMarshall Hi and welcome to our Community! Happy to help.

Our OneDrive integration has Actions and Triggers that can be found here: A search step called "Find a folder" might be handy to check out for this situation.

  1. Create your your "Create Folder" step as your Action.
  2. Map the field to find your previously created folder (or the destination you wish to have the new subfolder created in),
  3. and then add another "Create Folder" step as your final one to your Zap.

Here's some more information on how to customize your Zap with a search step:

Give it a try and let us know how it went for you. Thanks!

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Using Steph.N’s suggestion I was able to have Zapier create a folder matching my test client’s name in the PracticePanther folder on my OneDrive.  But here’s where I get hung up: 


OBJECTIVE:  After the client folder is found or created in Step 2, I want Zapier to create a folder matching the client’s matter name in the client folder (see  


ISSUE:  If in Step 3 of my Zap I use the path for the folder created in Step 2 the Zap will work, but when I run it for another client (other than the sample client used when creating the Zap) the Zap will create a folder containing the client’s name in PracticePanther folder BUT then creates a folder with the client’s matter name in the same folder as the original test folder created when the Zap was being developed.  (see steps here:  


I have tried changing the Folder location with a custom setting (see but nothing works right and I keep getting the same error message over and over (see  

Please tell me what I am doing wrong as I merely want to be able to have a folder created for a new client that in turn holds a folder for the new matter (presumably the client could hire me for another matter later on down the road) that in turn holds multiple folders I need based upon the matter type.  


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Hi @JTMarshall! I’m sorry for the delay getting back to you on this one. 


In the third step, where you’re adding the folder in a folder, It looks like you’re using the Name of the folder that was created/found in the folder field ( If you’re using a custom value (instead of choosing a folder from the dropdown list) you need to use the ID of the folder and not the name of it. You should have the ID of the folder from the Find or Create step. If you put that into the ‘Custom’ part for the Folder field in the third step, that should work. 🙂