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How do I connect both a Stripe Live account and Test Account?

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I have already connected my live Stripe account.

But when I go to connect my test account, I can’t find an option to add my test keys.  I even accidentally created a NEW Stripe account entirely in my attempt.

When I get to the “Select the account you'd like to connect to Zapier” step, I’m given only one account option.

Connecting it anyway, I have verified this is my LIVE account.

I have even tried connecting while logged into Stripe with “test mode” toggled.

How do I get to a step that lets me add my test keys?


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Hi folks, I’m happy to announce that the feature request has now been closed! 🎉

A new version of the Stripe app on Zapier has been released which will allow you to load test mode data. To take advantage of this new feature you’ll need to ensure your Zaps are running the latest version of the Stripe app. Then add a new Stripe app account connection. When adding the connection you’ll be prompted provide your Test mode secret API key. This will then allow you to set up and test your Zap while your Stripe account is in test mode.

We hope you’ll be able to give this a try soon. And if you run into any issues when using it please do reach out in the Community or get in touch with Support to let us know. 

Happy Zapping! ⚡

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Hi @Hugo


I’ve added your vote for this feature request. We’ll email you once an update is readily available. Thanks.

Add my vote too!

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Hi @will-talkatoo 


I’ve added your vote for this feature request, and we’ll notify you via email once an update is readily available. Thanks.

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I saw this was requested over 2 years ago and thought “Well it must have been done by now, so that’s good, right.”  

Please add my vote, and note for posterity my incredulity that it’s not an option.

Patience of Saints. This request started 2 years ago...there seems to be little interest.

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Hi @Sean Turner,

I have added your vote to the open feature request. We will keep you updated via email once the feature has been implemented.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please add my vote for this as well. We’re looking to implement Stripe in our business and was shocked to see this hasn’t been added yet.

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Hi friends,

I’m really sorry for the delayed reply here.

I have added all of you to the open feature request. While we don’t have an exact ETA for the implementation of this feature. We will keep you in the loop via email once it is implemented. Our Engineers are closely monitoring this feature request.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Add my vote to this too. It’s been nearly 2 years at this point. How has this not been added yet?

I have convinced the customer that Zapier is the better solution than make and now I have to realise that the test account cannot be used. Please add me and all other Stripe developers as an upvote. 

I was reading this Thread and was like, surely this has been done now since this was started a year ago. And it still isnt?! What features are you even working on, if not this?

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Why are we still waiting for this?

Being able to test zaps with stripe test data is crucial. 

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I ended up spending a few hours last week to create and open source an AWS-based solution for this. Zapier CoC prohibits solicitation and I want to be respectful of that and won’t share a direct link, so it’s just available out there on GitHub.

It is a few dozen lines of JS code for handling S3 storage, Brevo email sending and actual redirects + static site JS. And naturally, it allows both Stripe Test and Live through two separate API Gateway routes.

It’s a shame I had to resort to it and I’m sure I could’ve done it with Zapier Code, but at this point I don’t have enough faith in Zapier to maintain the feature and testability, nor have enough configurability to ensure the performance stays sub-1000ms for everything as I would like.

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hi, same thing here. I have never tried Zapier before, wanted to connect Stripe, and it won’t go due to the missing function of Stripe’s Test account. What a shame for Zapier!!!!!

Bye bye is all I can say. And now I need to switch to another tool which provides what I am looking for. 

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Add my vote as well! Absolutely SHOCKED that testing mode is not available.

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I’ve switched from Make after using it for years, and this is literally the first action I was about to create and first connection and it is not possible?? You’ve got to be joking

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Hi @HHcolcas 


I’ve added your vote for this feature request. We’ll email you once there’s an update available. Thanks

Lol what about the wife and 3 kids?


Please add my vote as well. This is a oversight issue.

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Hi @Hikage! Thanks for stopping by! 👋🏽
I did some digging and it looks like currently the app only supports the live or production version of Stripe. 😔 That said, there is an open feature request to allow for both the test and production environments! I went ahead and added your vote to this. While I can’t offer an estimate on when or if this will get implemented we’ll be sure to email you if that changes. We’ll also keep this topic updated as well!

I hope this helps and welcome to the Community! 🙂

It’s been a year and still this needed feature hasn’t been added….

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@christina.d, this was available in the older version of Stripe, as I did have both connected.  Any idea why it was removed with the update?

Add my vote please. Or, maybe suggest a work around for pseudo technical people like me to want to use Zapier and low to no code vs. workaround that was previously suggested. I think what I’ll have to do is create a dummy payment record (duplicate the default payment record then “edit” all the 100 fields or so) within the Trigger panel and use this to “test” the payment trigger. Is this a correct thing to do?

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Sending email after Stripe transactions was the first time in years of my engineering careers I decided to turn to Zapier for instead of using webhooks or service backends.

Only to see that an absolutely crucial element of the Stripe integration, namely the Test Mode has been “improved away” after retiring the Legacy app.

This seems absolutely maddening and wild to me to see this being approved by Product and then not remedied in a year’s time.

Please do count in my vote for the feature whilst I find other options to remedy it, outside of the paid Webhooks suggested earlier or entirely overkill Code option.

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Hi, I just came along this topic and to have access to the Stripe Test Account would also be crusal for me! Please add my vote.

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This seems crazy. How can it not have a test mode.

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Thanks for letting us know, I’ve added your vote to that feature request which will help to increase it’s priority. Still can’t make any promises as to when/if it will definitely be implemented but, you’ll definitely get an email from us once it is! 🙂