How do I automate email processing, convert to PDF, and submit data online using Zapier?

  • 13 May 2024
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i am new to zapier, just registered. i need to automate the following process:

1. check email of a custom email domain (e.g.

2. extract the sender, subject, and date of the email

3. convert that entire email to pdf and save to a specific local (intranet) shared folder

4. if there are attachments, download them all and save to a specific local (intranet) shared folder

5. open a browser with a specific url (accesible from internet) and login with specific user and password (provided)

6. access a specific menu, input some data (the extracted sender subject and date), click some links / button to upload the pdf and the attachments (if any) one-by-one, and submit the form

7. repeat the above steps for each incoming email


can I achieve that using zapier?

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1 reply

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Hi @thesn I think steps 3-4 the issue is that it is in a local drive, which won’t work. Consider using google drive, one drive, dropbox etc if you want to achieve this flow. For step 5, it would help to understand what type of system you are integrating with instead of simulating a browser login with your username and password (a bit unsafe...)
the other parts look fine to me