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Host image from OneDrive to Discord that never expires

  • 30 September 2020
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I noticed that the "Download URL” from OneDrive's New File Trigger expires after a few hours. When I post this “Download URL” on Discord, the link becomes broken when it expires.

Is there another Zapier App that can host my images forever and costs a tiny fee?


Best answer by andywingrave 4 October 2020, 12:57

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You can push them over to imgur and save them there from there you can insert in discord. If privacy is a concern you should think about a DMS or CDN (or a simple ftp)

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@Wemakefuture , I can't find the Imgur app in Zapier



This solution must be fully automated inside Zapier. Meaning that after implementation it shouldn't require human input.

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Hi @Oppai-Man - We don’t have an Imgur app at this time. Most new Zapier integrations are actually built by the companies/teams that created the apps themselves. Here’s how new services typically get added to Zapier:

It would be best to encourage their team to add their app to Zapier via our developer platform: 

Requests like this always carry a bit more weight when they come from customers rather than us.

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Hey @Oppai-Man 

For your use case, I would also say there are a number of other options other than Imugr:

  1. Google Drive/Dropbox - Both allow hosting of images which you can make publicly available
  2. Amazon S3 - This does require some messing around with AWS, and it can be quite overwhelming if you’re new to it. However - It’s almost always going to be the cheapest option
  3. Cloudinary is a really good shout - And it has a lovely UI - You can also do amazing image transformations… 
  4. There are loads of other apps here:
  5. Lastly - If @Wemakefuture has sold you on Imugr and you will accept no substitutes - They do have an API which you can use webhooks to send images to: - But this is the most technical of my solutions, and to be honest, probably not worth it for what you need. 

Hope that helps!