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Google Forms to Calendar: Can 1 Zap push to 2 Calendars, or to 1 Calendar of 2 colors?

  • 29 April 2021
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I’m looking to manage 2 different schedules with 1 zap if possible, or 1 calendar that will publish under 2 different colors.


Is that possible? Or is my only option to distinguish between the 2 different calendars to have 2 different forms with respective zaps and calendars?


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Hi @jhollis 

Do you mean Google Calendar?

Are the Calendars on the same Google Account?

You can authenticate multiple Google Calendar accounts here:

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Hi @jhollis!

It sounds like you have a form and you want to create an event in a specific calendar based on the answers in the form is that right? If that’s the case, you can do that with one Zap. 


The first thing that you need is a list of the IDs of the different calendars that you want to use, and a step in your Zap that has a Lookup table. You can generally find instructions on how to get the ID of a calendar if you Google ‘how to find Google Calendar ID’. If you can’t find the answer in your search, you can see the ID for all of your calendars in the drop-down when you are choosing calendars in a Google Calendar trigger or action. The ID is the smaller text underneath the name of the calendar:

When you have the ID add a Formatter step in your Zap. Choose Utilities and then Lookup table. With that, you can match an answer in the form with the relevant Google Calendar ID. eg if the form says ‘Apple’ use ID 12345, if the form says ‘Banana’ use ‘6789’. This help guide has more info on Lookup tables. 


You then use the output of the Formatter step in the Google Calendar step. In the Google Calendar Create Detailed Event step, when choosing the Calendar use the ‘Custom’ option instead of choosing a calendar from the drop-down. 


Add the ID of the calendar that you got from the Formatter step, and the Zap will create the event in the relevant calendar 🙂